Who we are

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Who we are

CodeRead is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers young students a cost-free opportunity to learn advanced programming languages and topics. As former middle school students ourselves, we feel that if we had a program like this in middle school, some of our questions and early struggles with programming could have been answered. Many students feel that they don’t know what programming really is, though they understand simple drag and drop concepts, which is why we aim to teach them applicable programming languages that will help them in their prospective careers.

Our name & Our vision

As the name suggests CodeRead (pronounced “code-red”) aims to address urgent computer science education shortage in the United States, hence it being a homonym to a “code red”. The “Read” in the name reflects our goal to educate students in Computer Science. Further, our vision is that students will learn to become literate in coding and will be able to “read code”, thus the name CodeRead.

What we teach

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Our Curriculum

CodeRead students will explore topics in computer science that are rarely studied in middle school and will build learning skills that are valuable across disciplines. We offer curriculums in both Python and Java, programming languages not available in the middle school system but studied in high school and beyond, and the content and pace is tailored to students’ interests. The program is geared toward motivated students willing to gain a head start in the field of Computer Science.


CodeRead hopes to spark the passion and curiosity of young students


We hope to provide the opportunity at young ages to become passionate about computer science

Coding literacy

We aim to aid our students in becoming literate computer science programmers

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