Our Mission

The teenagers of today will be the leaders, thinkers, and programmers of tomorrow. The field of Computer Science is often generalized and stereotyped with few knowing what it really is about. Many students drift from the field as they perceive it to be hard, and programming languages are not taught in schools. This is a growing issue as computer science jobs expand exponentially with not enough graduates to fill their ranks. CodeRead works to increase computer science involvement by teaching young students Java and Python.

Our Programs

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CodeRead teaches free courses at eight locations in Maryland through yearly after school sessions and summer camps (due to Covid-19, we have movel all of our sessions online). Our programs allow students to build friendships and develop programming skills they can apply to their future careers. Middle school students do not have access to the free, hands on, and tailored education that we provide without having to pay an arm and a leg for private tutoring. Because of this, we are specifically helpful to underprivileged and underrepresented kids whose families may not have the funds to afford such tutorship.

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